Tips for Replacing Horse Stalls in an Existing Barn

Replacing existing horse stalls could put new life into your barn and provide a better environment for your horses to live and grow. Whether you want to replace the stalls because they are old and worn out, or because you want a larger space to keep horses, you can benefit from the tips provided below. With a little planning and effort, you can demolish the old stalls and put up new ones. Here are some tips that will enable you to complete this project successfully.

1. Plan the Stalls

Before you demolish the existing stalls with a sledge hammer, or buy fresh lumber, you should do your best to evaluate your needs and plan a layout that will meet them. One of the first things you need to consider is the size of each stall. The standard size for a horse stall is 12 x 12 feet. But if you plan to keep large horses like drafts and warm bloods, you should have a stall size of 12 x 14 or 14 x 14 feet. To save cost and make the stall more comfortable for your horse, you should use dirt flooring and rubber mats rather than concrete flooring which requires a lot of bedding.

2. Design the Layout

Next you should plan the layout of your stalls. Ensure that you have a central aisle for the entire barn. Each stall could have two doors. One that opens to the exterior of the barn and another one that opens into the aisle. This adds a lot flexibility to the design. But if you have a very tight budget, you may exclude the external door. You should also consider adding at least one wash stall and another one to foal a mare when necessary. You may also include a stall for storing a small amount of feed or hay. Finally before concluding the planning phase, you should plan for your demolition. To make it easy to gather and sell the debris and other scrap materials from your old stalls, you should use rent dumpsters.

3. Remodel and Demolish Old Stall

You will need to demolish the old horse stalls before you build new ones. You may consult a demolition service or do it yourself. If you have a barn with more than 4 stalls, you should consider contracting part of the demolition out to save time and effort. The demolition phase will require the use of skid steer loader to demolish the concrete and a rent dumpster to dispose of the concrete waste properly. If your barn does not have a large door, you may need to create an opening in the wall to provide the necessary ceiling height to permit the skid steer to do its work.

4. Install New Stalls

When you are building or installing new horse stalls, make sure you allocate sufficient time to complete the project. If you have to build the stalls from scratch, make proper use of string lines and stakes to create the layout of each stall before you begin the construction. Re-measure each length and make use of string levels to ensure that the walls are straight. When using a stall kit, lay them out first and check all the parts of the kit and compare what you have on ground with the photo of the completed stall before you start assembling them.


Those are some practical tips to help you to replace horse stalls in an existing barn. To ensure the success of your project, spend adequate time planning for the project and use the best materials you can afford to build the new stalls.